Where is elevator place at Shinjyuku (JR) with baby stroller/ buggy  

If you want to go to Shinjyuku by JR with baby using baby stroller / buggy the elevator place is only south exit.

I just went there today with my baby, and it was tough to walk around with babycar.

Thus, I wanted to share this to someone who come to Tokyo or living in Tokyo.

I couldn't believe this because Shinjyuku is such a big city but it's only one elevator...

Anyway, South exit is Takashimaya (department) way not Kabukicho area.

The good thing is that most department lend their babycar, but of course can't use it outside.

Hug string is much easier to walk around there.





ベビーカーで新宿 行く方は、南口しかないので歌舞伎町方面に行きたい方は遠回りせざるおえません。